Evaluation Camp Rosters Now Posted

by Jaret Horbatiuk

Evaluation CAMP

The WIHL Board of Directors is excited to announce that Evaluation Camp is Thursday April 6, 2023 at the Maginot Arena.  All free agent Tyke, Youth, and Junior players are required to attend to enable the WIHL scouts to create teams for the upcoming 2023 season.  If you cannot attend the camp, please let us know and we will make accommodations to ensure that you are on a team.  The following are the rosters and skates times for Camp:

Please note that these are very large groups just for the camp.  Please also note that these are not the teams for the 2023 season - this is just for camp.  It is our intention to create teams with rosters that are no larger than 13 players (including goalies).

Tykes Camp - 6:30 PM


Rylen Grewinski

Dylan Gee

Ben Coyle

Tavin Olivier

Ruby Brunel-Torrie

Jaxx Wilson

Carter Rotinsky

Caleb Klymochko

Cooper Martin

Andrew Jr Courchene (G)

Nolan Northwood

Blake Campos

Lucas Sato

Calla-Jane Lindsay

Peter Omelchak

Charlie Stewart

Sheamus Robson

Macey Robson

Kian Dutiaume

Damien Hay

Simon Shvets (G)

Youth CAMP GRP 1 - 7:30 PM


Braden Bush

Carter Veldink

Dylan Simpson

Hayley Fleming

Hudson Dowd

Jackson Lewicki

James Henry

Jesse Greig

Logan Coyle

Lucas Park

Mattox Colosimo

Rex Wytinck

Grady Burnell

Grady Macdonald

Jake Johnston

Nico Gosselin

Marseille Labossiere (G)

Andrew Augert Yarema

Cole Hogue

Cruz Friesen

Emery Ballantyne

Grayson Carriere

Hayden Kashmiri

Jax Carriere

Owen Mager

Parker Hennie

Shay Pedrick

Simon Federkevic

Vegas Meder

Rylan Brownrigg

Toby Hobday

Madison Blahnik

Braeden Blahnik

Nathan Peters (G)

Youth CAMP GRP 2- 8:30 PM


Avery Harrison

Dayton Dolphin

Evan Du

Grayson Speirs

Jonah Schmidt

Kyle Baker

Liam Holland

Matteo Martins

Noah Osterbeck

Parker Stewart

Sam Du

Ty Pearce

Julia Horbatiuk

Semiah Brunel-Torrie

Nico Gosselin

Toby Hobday

Thomas Kapay

Cayden Schmidt

Christian Bisson

Cole Flockton

Cooper Sutherland

Dylan Walker

Ethan Derrett Mistelbacher

Hunter Routhier

Luxten Partel

Maks Berard

Mattox Boutin

Shea Rogers

Vaughn Carter

Brady Comaskey

Colton Hart

Dyson Dilk

Ethan Walterson

Jett Sawatzky (G)

Junior Camp - 9:30 PM


Alex Vasko

David Hazlitt

Hayden Lamirande

Hunter Brunel-Torrie

Ryan Beilner

Waylon Lamirande

William McKenzie

Xavier Brunel-Torrie

Austin Cousins

Braylon Sellar

Dean Saunders

Eastan Crane

Jayden Buhler

Mason Clement

Quinn Parker

Zoe De Rocquigny

Mikayla Clarkson

Aidan Clancy-Issac (G)

Phillpe Green (G)

Alexandre De Rocquigny

Easton Horbatiuk

Hayden Turner

Max Gentes

Peyton Silva

Thomas Nelson

Aaron Hiebert

Aidan Park

Anders Ploegman

Domenic Whitney

Kevin Vermette

Miles Siepman

Peter Douma

Sam Halbesma

Tyson Park

Cole Cherewyk (G)

Andre Ferreira (G, Alternate)

Ben Muise (G)